Robin Hood

Social, Website

The Challenge

Robin Hood was looking to build a new website that would inspire bakers to bake more often with Robin Hood products. The site needed to become an online resource to go to for baking inspiration and allow customers to interact with the brand and with other customers around the world.


The new site needed to be more than just a static website with content. It needed to focus on celebrating and inspiring through the sharing and teaching of baking skills.


The site needed to attract and form a community of bakers who share tips, recipes, advice and inspiration. This site needed to become a resource of the methods and techniques behind successful baking.


As much as we wanted the site to be as open as possible we still needed it to be controlled and moderated, to prevent spam and other offensive content from ruining the experience of the target market.

The Solution

Wired Messenger built the new Robin Hood website with social engagement embedded directly into the theme. As a member of the “Baking Centre” site, customers could share recipes, tips, photos, advice and ideas.

We created the platform, tools and content to teach, share and inspire the joy and art of baking.

Wired Messenger built and launched Robin Hood’s new website, creating a place for home bakers to be inspired, gain confidence and share their baking successes with others.

The new site was a great place for bakers to come together and Wired Messenger made sure it stayed that way. By adding a moderation engine that allowed the digital team at Robin Hood to easily detect content issues and approve or ban users the site was able to ensure spammers didn’t post offensive content to the community.