Town Shoes

Email, Campaign Management

The Challenge

Unhappy with the email marketing results they were getting with their previous vendor, Town Shoes Limited was looking for a new partner to fully manage their email marketing program.


Town Shoes needed to grow their marketing database to expand their reach to potential customers.

Data Integration

Town Shoes needed to quickly migrate to a new platform and ensure all the existing data connections with their site, e-commerce platform and loyalty program remained operational.


We needed to make the most out of their email marketing program and wanted to improve on engagement and sales numbers.

The Solution

Wired Messenger took on Full Service management of Town Shoes Limited’s email marketing program. Using our email platform and our email experts, Town Shoes was able to take their marketing to the next level.

Wired Messenger won the RFP to manage Town Shoes Limited’s email marketing program. With only a month to get them setup and deploying, the team quickly reviewed requirements around list uploads, data scrubbing, data integrations, campaign calendars and existing templates and automated programs.

Wired Messenger on-boarded Town Shoes without a hitch and they were deploying within a matter of weeks.

A smooth on-boarding was just the start. We worked closely with brand managers to understand their brands, key objectives, strategies and KPIs.

Through different marketing campaigns and initiatives, the team helped Town Shoes grow their marketing database by almost 70% and helped improve email opens and drive new site traffic.