Performance-Boosting Email Integration and Migration Services

Set your email data up for efficient performance with email integration and migration services. Wired Messenger provides a quick and safe approach to ensure that your emails run smoothly and effectively on the ideal platform for your organization.

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Efficient Email Integration and Migration Services

A robust email data connection and a platform that properly suits your organization are critical components in the success of your email marketing.

Wired Messenger's integration and migration email specialists assist your company in meeting those standards. We adhere to the finest risk-evaluated ESP migration and integration methods to ensure the best results.

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What our clients say about us

I have been working with Wired Messenger for 20+ years with various companies in multiple industries and have always found success. 

The team is prompt, informed and has saved my companies money numerous times while allowing us to better sell our products.  Whether it's email management, SEO or data management, they have always performed.

Andy Deonarine
saved my company money

The Wired team was wonderful to work with, knowledgeable and effective communication. I was looking for some additional training and very much enjoyed learning from the team.

They were thorough, patient and went above and beyond my initial request, offering more solutions and suggestions.

Rebecca Hinchcliffe
Raleigh Park Marketing
wonderful to work with

Wired Messenger team,

Great to see this go out! Nicely done with the arrangement of the logo, masthead, illustration, and copy. Clean, strong, and friendly.

Auger Hollingsworth
Nicely done Branding

It was great working with the Wired Team. Everyone has been diligent, customer oriented , and above all else kind and easy to work with. Thanks for all your help with the e-blasts.

Harvey’s. Team
customer oriented

The experience with Wired Messenger on responsive email campaigns has been positive. The team is always very helpful and timely in eBlast deployments. Also, there is always quick turnarounds with any changes needed to be made to each eBlast.

East Side Marios Team
always very helpful

Wired Messenger Email migration and Integration services

Find the right plan for your business.

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Integrate and Migrate email data with Wired Messenger

Wired Messenger is here to elevate your email data approach. 

We provide businesses with email integration and migration services to help them better use their email data.

Email Integrations

Sync and manage all your email data through flawless integrations that allow smooth, real-time data processing.

Email Migrations

Receive complete email migration support and ensure safe data transfer to a suitable ESP for your business needs.

Ready to Migrate your email marketing to a reliable service?

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Who we've worked with

Why do you need Email integration and migration services?

Investing in email integration and migration can give your company several advantages.

Enhance personalization

Email integration allows you to collect valuable customer information over time.

As a result, you may more successfully target your audience and encourage client interactions, boosting your overall sales.

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Utilize Automation

Your integrated email platform can send automated emails, ensuring customers receive the information they need quickly and promoting ongoing customer engagement.

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Boost Efficiency

As your company expands, migrating your email data to a better ESP gives you access to various useful features that make managing your campaigns and getting better results easier.

Save money

You can save money by migrating emails to a less expensive ESP or by choosing a provider that offers additional helpful tools and receive several functionalities for the cost of a single platform.

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What are Email integration and Email migration services?

Email migration and integration services refer to the processes that enable seamless email marketing performances.

More precisely, email integration stands for connecting your email service provider with platforms like CRM or point-of-sale systems. On the other hand, email migration services represent transferring email data from one ESP to another. 

Wired Messenger provides both services, allowing your company to save time and get more out of its email marketing efforts. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist your company.

What do Email migration services include?

Our three main steps in completing your email migration service include the following:

Wired Messenger's email migration services experts take a dedicated approach to the above steps, ensuring your data transfers successfully and safely. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Migration Preparation

Effective email migrations require extensive planning. Since we believe in a precise, thorough approach, our team gathers all the necessary data for your migration process. This comprises major reasons for your migration as well as the features you expect to get from your new provider.

ESP Evaluation

Once we understand what you want from your new ESP, we start identifying which providers meet your requirements. To advise you on the best ESP choice for your business, our specialists analyze factors such as the types of emails you will send, the KPIs you want to track, and the size of your list.

Execution Of Migration

We review your best ESP options with you, highlighting the most critical pros and cons. Following the selection of your ideal new ESP, our experienced team efficiently and safely migrates your emails. After the migration, we run numerous tests to ensure your new email service provider functions flawlessly.

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What are the types of Email integrations? 

Email integrations allow you to connect your email marketing to your CRM, social media, finances, etc.

The following are some examples of typical email integrations that we can implement for your company:

Based on your business's specific needs and goals, the Wired Messenger team will work with you to determine the ideal type of email integration for you. Contact our experts to discuss the best options for your company.

Sales Automation Integration

Sales Automation integrations help your company to keep track of prospects and upsell/cross-sell opportunities. For instance, when you get a new lead, the workflow adds that contact to your marketing software. Then, it sends out your 'sales' email campaign to help expand your business and improve sales.

Website Automation Integration

This integration enables you to collect and use information about your customers' activity on your website. A contact form is an excellent example. Once visitors fill out this form, their contacts proceed to the mailing list. Following that, they receive a 'welcome' campaign email, followed by other relevant campaigns.

Ecommerce Systems Integration

Integrating client data, such as birthdays, into email marketing helps to provide a more personalized user experience. You can use this data to, for example, launch an email campaign with a special offer on customers' birthdays. This personalization, along with others, promotes customer loyalty and increases interest in your brand.

With Wired Messenger's Email Integration and Migration Services, you get

20+ Years of Experience

A team of skilled professionals ready to implement industry best practices into your email integration and migration processes.

Guaranteed Turnaround Time

Guaranteed average turnaround time of X hours/days for email integration and Y hours/days for email migration services.

Complete Transparency and Support

Peerless change management and proactive monitoring - you can rely on our support and transparency throughout the process.

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Email Data Integration and Migration

What is email integration?

Email integration is the process of connecting email marketing with tools and software to create seamless email performances.

What is email migration?

Email migration is transferring email data from one email service provider to another.

How long does email migration take?

A typical email migration takes about X hours/days to complete. However, this can vary depending on numerous factors, such as volumes of data and differences between source and target platforms. Contact Wired Messenger’s team for the most accurate information.

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