Promotion, Microsite

The Challenge

How do you make a well-known brand loved by millions of Canadians even more beloved?


Through digital ads, in-store popup displays and direct mail, participants will be encouraged to go to the contest microsite to participate.

List Growth

Participants enter their personal information to play a game, enter to qualify for the grand prize and have the opportunity to opt in for future communications and offers.


By reinforcing brand recognition (through their jingle) and demonstrating the breadth of available products (through the visuals), the contest demonstrated that Folgers has a full, robust line up of the best coffee products on the market.

The Solution

Inspired by the iconic and catchy Folgers jingle chorus

“The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!”

Our team proposed an interactive game that challenged players to a “Simon Says-like” game that tested their ability to remember the whole jingle. Players were rewarded with entries for chances to win a great vacation getaway.

Wired Messenger not only came up with a new unique concept. We were able to execute on it and bring the idea to life. We built the contest pages quickly and ensured that they worked across all mobile devices.

The results were spectacular! With over 700,000 entries and an average of 5 tries per entrant, the team at Folgers was overjoyed by the numbers. What’s more, we also grew their email database by over 40%!