Air Canada

The Challenge

Air Canada had a fare management system that powered dynamic content including pricing and flight restrictions for digital and print advertising. Their problem, however, was that the application was constantly hanging leaving both system users and end customers frustrated.


The system needed to power over 500 MM impressions a month and needed to be able to handle fluctuating traffic and load quickly without long delays.


The user interface was outdated and was not user friendly. The tool was accessed by several different teams and staff so it needed to be intuitive and easy to use.


Down time was a serious issue and the team at Air Canada needed to be confident that the system was up and running during critical times when sales & campaigns were in market.

The Solution

Wired Messenger took on the project and re-built the system from the ground up. We also setup their AWS environment enabling pro-active alerts and auto-scaling technology.

In a very short time frame we rebuilt the system and migrated the hosting. While going through wireframe reviews the team quickly found usability issues throughout the site and recommended changes to make the interface more intuitive.

The team also managed the setup and configuration of Amazon Web Servers to manage the required load but also to be able to scale up or down as required.

In a short time the system was back up and fully operational powering over 500MM impressions a month.