Swiss Chalet

Email, Marketing Automation

The Challenge

Swiss Chalet was regularly sending emails to their marketing database but wanted to customize their customers’ experiences by creating unique messaging throughout the customer journey from new to lapsed customers.


Personalization needed to be at the heart of any marketing automation as we needed to provide different messages and offers based on the stages of the customers' lifecycle with Swiss Chalet.


This marketing automation program needed to be running continuously and accurately as customers entered different stages in their "relationship" with Swiss Chalet.


The goal with any automation program ultimately is to improve conversion and to enhance the overall customer experience.

The Solution

Wired Messenger introduced Swiss Chalet to a new marketing automation strategy. We setup automated customer touch points, sending different offers and messaging to targeted people at different points in their lifecycle with Swiss Chalet as well as significant dates based on their profile.

Wired Messenger provided a marketing automation strategy and mapped out various touch points along the customer journey where targeted messages could both enhance the customer experience and improve conversion rates.

For example, a new welcome series sent different messages based on 4 different points of signup over a series of 3 days and provided different marketing messages including offers, mobile app download links and links for customers to connect on social.

Not only did we implement different programs like Welcome, Birthday, Anniversary, Surveys and Lapsed Order triggers, we also A-B tested different templates and offers to optimize and personalize the experience for customers.

The automated programs were set up to send the right offer to the right person at the right time and Swiss Chalet could track all the additional revenue generated as a result.