Results-Driven Email Campaign Management Services

Email campaign management is a key to efficient email marketing. Wired Messenger manages your campaigns to ensure top-notch performances, encouraging subscribers to become loyal customers.

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Wired Messenger Email Campaign Management Services

Choose the campaign plan that best meets your company's goals and needs.

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What our clients say about us

I have been working with Wired Messenger for 20+ years with various companies in multiple industries and have always found success. 

The team is prompt, informed and has saved my companies money numerous times while allowing us to better sell our products.  Whether it's email management, SEO or data management, they have always performed.

Andy Deonarine
saved my company money

The Wired team was wonderful to work with, knowledgeable and effective communication. I was looking for some additional training and very much enjoyed learning from the team.

They were thorough, patient and went above and beyond my initial request, offering more solutions and suggestions.

Rebecca Hinchcliffe
Raleigh Park Marketing
wonderful to work with

Wired Messenger team,

Great to see this go out! Nicely done with the arrangement of the logo, masthead, illustration, and copy. Clean, strong, and friendly.

Auger Hollingsworth
Nicely done Branding

It was great working with the Wired Team. Everyone has been diligent, customer oriented , and above all else kind and easy to work with. Thanks for all your help with the e-blasts.

Harvey’s. Team
customer oriented

The experience with Wired Messenger on responsive email campaigns has been positive. The team is always very helpful and timely in eBlast deployments. Also, there is always quick turnarounds with any changes needed to be made to each eBlast.

East Side Marios Team
always very helpful

Wired Messenger Email Management Services that DRIVE Results

Email marketing has a reputation for being one of the most successful digital marketing strategies. But, to genuinely benefit your company, you need effective email campaign management.

Make sure your email marketing efforts are truly working for you.

Wired Messenger email campaign management specialists can assist you in handling effective email campaigns. From setting up the campaign's goals and list segmentation to testing and reports - we are here to ensure your campaigns are successful, supporting your goals, and expanding your brand.

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Wired Messenger Email Management Services

Wired Messenger is your trusted email campaign management partner, helping you build, deploy and profit from your campaigns.

Partnering with us brings you first-class executions tailored to get the best results:

Campaign planning

Our experts consult your marketing team to determine the best email campaign type and set up the email campaign schedule for successful implementations.

Campaign development

Words and looks matter. We produce enticing email template designs and content that make a lasting impact on your subscribers and encourage them to click, open and convert.

Campaign testings

All campaigns go through A/B split testing and Quality Assurance checks to ensure everything functions flawlessly, from the subject line to the call to action button.

Campaign reporting

Get insights on how well your campaigns are performing. Our team collects data, analyzes key email reporting metrics, and suggests improvements to achieve better results.

Why do you need Email campaign management service?

Email campaigns are powerful tools that can be true moneymakers for your business. More precisely, email marketing provides you with a tremendous average ROI of 36:1!

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Who we've worked with

Email campaign marketing with a strong strategy

The smartest way to ensure it works for you is to have a strong strategy and detailed plan.

With Wired Messenger Email Campaign Management Services, you get a custom formula for your campaigns, as well as much more:

Contact us to find out what Wired Messenger Email Campaign Management Services can do for your business.

Knowledgeable team

Our team has been learning and using the most effective methods for more than two decades, constantly keeping up with the latest changes in the industry.

We approach every campaign with all the time and resources necessary for it to be successful.

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We do everything for you

Wired Messenger experts fully manage your campaigns: setting lists, producing emails, and regularly updating you on the performances.

Concentrate on other aspects of your business while ensuring your campaigns generate leads and increase revenue.

people drawing on white board strategy

Multiple email options

There are various email campaign types, so it's crucial to pick the right one for your organization.

As part of our email campaign services, we can help you with that choice.

As a result, your target audience will always receive the most relevant emails that encourage interactions with your brand.

computer with multiple click options

Campaign success insights

Email reporting is crucial to the success of every email campaign.

When partnering with us, you receive valuable data on the effectiveness of your campaign that enables us to continuously enhance the approach, design, and content of your emails.

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What are Email campaign management services?

Email campaign management services encompass all tasks required to deliver an entire email campaign successfully. This includes the initial list-building and lead-generation procedures up to designing, writing, and sending your emails.

When done correctly, managed email campaigns boost your brand's reputation and revenue.

At Wired Messenger, we take care of your email marketing campaign management for you. Our team puts 20+ years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to work for your success. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you make the most of your campaigns.

What are the types of Email marketing campaigns?

Email campaigns are planned and calculated to achieve specific important goals. Therefore, it is critical to select your campaign type carefully.

Here are some of the email campaigns types your organization can implement: 

We have experience running all kinds of managed email campaigns at Wired Messenger. Contact us to find out which will work best for your business.

Welcome Email Series

In real life, it's polite to introduce yourself when you meet someone new. The welcome email series serves this purpose in the online world. They are the ideal opportunity to get to know new subscribers. We can ask them for their birthday or email preferences and use that information to personalize your emails further.

Seasonal Campaign

Any significant holiday can be the perfect time to invest in email campaign services and boost your revenue. From Valentine's Day to Christmas - you have several opportunities to send engaging emails to your subscribers. Make an impression on your audience by providing a special deal or simply wishing them a happy holiday. As always, keep in mind your subscribers' demographics when developing these types of campaigns.

Triggered Email Series

Trigger emails are emails automatically sent to subscribers in response to certain activities they take. The action might be anything you specify, such as when they download some content, answer a survey, or click on a certain link on your website. With data analytics integrated into every step of this digital world, it's easy to track your customers' journeys and send them relevant emails to ensure they remember your brand.

Abandoned Cart Series

Abandoned cart emails are automated campaigns initiated when a user adds an item to a cart but doesn't purchase it. These emails frequently contain an enticement, i.e., a discount coupon, to motivate buyers to finish the purchase. Furthermore, this email series has excellent conversion rates and is specifically helpful for eCommerce businesses.

Re-Engagement Campaign

Re-engagement campaigns aim to activate subscribers who have stopped interacting with your emails. Let's say that a certain percentage of your list hasn't opened your emails for more than six months. Re-engagement campaign aims to either get these subscribers back on board or figure out whether they are your ideal customers; if not, we can remove them from your email list and focus on interacting with people who are.

Re-Engagement Campaign

Re-engagement campaigns aim to activate subscribers who have stopped interacting with your emails. Let's say that a certain percentage of your list hasn't opened your emails for more than six months. Re-engagement campaign aims to either get these subscribers back on board or figure out whether they are your ideal customers; if not, we can remove them from your email list and focus on interacting with people who are.

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How to write an Email campaign successfully?

Here are three essential tips the Wired Messenger team follows to make sure all managed campaigns are effective:

Wired Messenger email campaign services ensure that your campaigns successfully utilize all the necessary components and generate revenue for your business.

Email campaign type determination

We determine the best campaign type based on your goals and target audience. Then, we create separate lists for different kinds of emails so that your customers only receive campaigns that are relevant to them.

Emails personalization

It is essential to treat your subscribers as real people with unique interests and personalities. We achieve just that with email personalization. Our experts use subscriber information to customize emails for each contact, making your messages feel more personal and meaningful.

Follow-ups deployment

A single email may not always be enough. To convert subscribers successfully, we usually send multiple emails. For instance, after sending a discount coupon, we send a follow-up email in which we urge the customer to act quickly because the coupon's offer is soon to expire. Similar to that, follow-ups may be applied to any campaign type.

Let Wired Messenger experts take care of your managed email campaigns.

Discover our pricing models and choose one that best suits your requirements.

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What is the best Email campaign management practice?

Every business has unique needs and goals, so there is certainly more than one best email campaign practice.

However, according to our experience, all successful campaigns utilize two essential elements:

Engaging emails

For your emails to evoke action in your readers, they must be clear, valuable, and friendly. Additionally, they need to be personal so subscribers feel appreciated and inspired to visit your website and make a purchase.

Professional email marketing tools

Although you may send emails from almost any address, the most thoughtful approach to email marketing is to use tools provided by email management service providers (ESPs). A professional ESP offers several benefits that assist in monitoring and improving the results of your campaigns.

Wired Messenger team thoroughly implements these techniques. We have exclusive partnerships with a number of the top-rated email services providers, including Klaviyo, MailChimp, and others. Contact us to learn more and start driving tangible results now.

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What is Email campaign reporting?

An email campaign reporting is a compilation of information from numerous sources that highlight the overall campaign's effectiveness. Therefore, email campaign reports are crucial tools for helping your company achieve desired outcomes.

A typical email campaign performance report details the emails sent, how they performed, the open rate, and other crucial email campaign performance metrics. This way, reports assist us in suggesting improvements and delivering even more outstanding results.

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What Email reporting metrics measure the success of a campaign?

Email campaigns vary from one another, especially in terms of objectives and target audiences. As a result, we track different email reporting metrics for each specific campaign.

However, our experts constantly keep an eye on the following four fundamental metrics:

Open rate

The open rate of your email is the percentage of customers who opened it. It helps us determine which subject lines are most effective at drawing clients along the sales cycle. Furthermore, this metric gives us insight into the quality of an email list since a high open rate indicates that subscribers are interested in the content of campaigns.

Click-through rate

The click-through rate (CTR) represents the percentage of recipients that clicked on a CTA link within an email. For instance, if 90% of recipients followed an email link to a special deal on your website, we can conclude that interest in the promotion is high and the campaign is on the excellent track.

OConversion rate

The conversion rate represents the percentage of subscribers who take the particular action you want them to after reading your email. What counts as a "conversion" depends on your company's email campaign objectives (it can be purchase, review, etc.). It lets us see the impact that your email marketing is having on your business goals.

Unsubscribe rate

The unsubscribe rate is the percentage of subscribers that requested to stop receiving your emails. Even though It's typical for a small part of your customers to unsubscribe occasionally - we constantly monitor this behavior. It is a crucial metric that enables us to determine the degree of loyalty and whether our efforts foster good relationships.

Reach out to our experts for guidance on email campaign performance metrics your company should monitor.

Make the most of your Managed email campaigns with Wired Messenger

Email marketing is an excellent method for making the most of your online marketing efforts. However, developing an email marketing campaign from scratch can take a lot of time, and for it to be effective, it must perform flawlessly.

Therefore, hiring email campaign management experts with the necessary knowledge and experience is one of the best business decisions you can make. 

At Wired Messenger, we provide full-scale email management services support. And when we say full-scale, we genuinely mean it. From list creation and segmentation to copywriting and split testings - we handle everything for you. Moreover, we've been successfully managing email campaigns for over 20 years, generating leads and revenue for over X clients.

Contact us and learn more about what we can do for your business.

Revolutionize your email performance with Wired Messenger Email management services.

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Wired Messenger's trusted Email campaign management service process

1. Increase your landing page conversion rate

Personalized email marketing campaign services are a great way to present landing pages to your customers quickly and easily, ultimately boosting their success and conversion rate.

2. Get more sales-ready leads

Email marketing is crucial to successfully nurturing your leads since it can distribute persuasive content that your prospects will find valuable and engaging.

3. Improve customer retention 

Increase client interaction and demonstrate to current and potential consumers that you care about them.

4. Deliver better customer service

Make customer service one of your most effective tools for retaining customers. Use email to communicate with prospects in a useful and approachable manner.

5. Boost revenue

Encourage your customers to add items and complete their orders. Email marketing can help you recover lost revenue and drive additional profit through personalized campaigns.

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Email Campaign Management

What is an email marketing campaign?

An email marketing campaign is a planned series of individual emails with one specific goal. Lead creation, customer nurturing, and sales improvement are all common email campaign purposes.

What makes a successful email marketing campaign?

A successful email marketing campaign prompts subscribers to engage with your brand and aids your business in generating more leads and sales.

To achieve success, your campaign must be well-managed, with tailored emails and perfect distribution. The Wired Messenger team can assist you with that. Contact us for more information on how you can benefit from our email campaign services.

How much do email marketing management services cost?

The cost of email marketing management services depends on various factors, including email frequency, campaign types, etc. Typically, prices range from $200 to $2.000 per month. Request a custom quote for the most accurate Wired Messenger pricing.

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