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Whether you need to come up with a new email marketing strategy, want an audit of your email program or just want a critique of your email templates; our team of email geeks have been doing this for over 18+ years and are here to help.

Full service campaign management

Don't have the staff, time or resources to a manage an email marketing program? Let our team of professionals handle everything from creative, development, testing, deployment and reporting.

Email Template Design & Coding

We are masters of this universe. Let us design and build beautiful, functional, responsive HTML emails for you. Emails that are designed and coded to be mobile-friendly and viewable on any device is the new standard, we'll make sure you keep up.

Audience Building

Don't even have a list of subscribers to start with? Let us help you start to build an audience and capture both customers and leads for your business. We have different tools that span across web, mobile, print and in-store that can be used to build your list.

Marketing Automation

Engaging your customers through the entire lifetime of your relationship with them is critical to building a long-lasting and profitable business. Use the data you have to setup automated messaging that is relevant and on point.

Data & Application Integration

Our in-house team of developers can connect to just about any application and data storage to make sure your marketing is connected to the rest of your business.

Full Service Campaign Management

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of EVERYTHING. Full Service Email Campaign Management means just that – our dedicated team will create, copy edit, test and send your email campaigns on your behalf and when it’s all said and done we’ll let you know how you did and how we can do even better! With Full Service Campaign Management you can stay focused on growing your business, while we take care of your email marketing needs.  


You’re ready to send that email? Well let’s get to it! We’ll let you know exactly what we need from you to get that ball rolling. We’ll even edit your copy for you for mistakes and/or suggestions to better get your message across.


Our staff of email experts make it their priority to stay up to date on the latest and greatest ways to design and code email campaigns. The reality is that more and more people view emails on their mobile devices, helping clients to send emails that are responsive is no longer an option it’s a necessity. We’ll create a custom responsive email that will wow you and your customers.


One of the things that really sets us apart from the rest is our rigorous testing process. Our team of experts ensure that once your email is designed and created it will reach your customers. We do a full gamut of testing on an extensive number of platforms and devices to ensure that your email will reach its intended audience. Why spend all that time, effort and investment if your customers can’t see what you’ve sent them? 


A-B Testing or split testing allows us to compare two versions of the same email campaign (different subject line, time of day to send, content of your message…) to see which one performs better. This allows you to gauge which email variables have better conversion rates. We’ll provide you with detailed reporting to see how your campaign did, as well as provide valuable insight into your audience and how best to target them.


Every great email marketing program starts with great planning. Our client services team is dedicated to helping your business succeed. Whether it’s developing list growth strategies, planning out content calendars or measuring and optimizing your campaigns – take advantage of our years of email marketing experience to drive results for your business.

Email Marketing Automation

Welcome Program

Give new email subscribers a proper welcome with our fully automated welcome email program. A welcome series of emails is an excellent way to establish and grow your relationship with your customer as well as capture more engagement and sales.

Celebration Programs

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! Happy occasions are the perfect opportunity to celebrate with your customers - show them you remembered and that you care by sending specially targeted messages and promotions.

Win-back Programs

Subscribers become disengaged over time - don’t worry, it happens. We can show you how to re-engage them or remove them if they are no longer viable. Our advanced segmentation technology will help you identify active and inactive clients quickly and easily.

Cart Abandonment Program

Research has shown that a majority of online shopping carts are abandoned before they reach checkout. Our powerful automated program reminds customers what they’ve left behind and encourages them to complete their order.

Email Template Production

One of the most important workflows in sending out an email marketing campaign is converting a beautiful design into a working responsive email. Our team of experts have vast experience in doing this not only the right way, but quickly and efficiently.

We will seamlessly convert your design (PSD, AI, EPS SKETCH, etc.) into a well tested, HTML, multi email client and multi email platform compatible, responsive email or newsletter. You don’t need to hire coders or gasp…learn it yourself, let us take those designs and meld them seamlessly into an awesome email template for you.

Today’s reality is that our mobile devices are an inextricable part of our lives. With study after study showing that mobile email open rates are consistently above 50%, we can’t ignore that email design and functionality needs to be done with the mobile subscriber in mind. Responsive template design in its simplest sense means that we use fluid images, fluid tables and media queries to control the layout of an email across many different device sizes.

Whereas you may not notice that an email has been designed responsively, you certainly will notice when it hasn’t. Ever had an email where you had to zoom and pinch to read the text and as you do so all or most of it cuts off so you can’t even read it? We have too… annoying! Don’t send emails that annoy your clients or customers. It’s the first and most basic step in keeping them as happy and satisfied subscribers.

If responsive emails are the must have basic, than interactive emails are an opportunity to wow your subscribers. With the sheer number of commercial emails people are inundated with on a daily basis, how do set your email apart from the rest? Interactive emails, that’s how! Interactive emails breathe new life into old, boring, staid emails.

We’ve literally coded thousands of interactive emails for our clients using counters, menus, rotational banners, scratch and flips, accordions, collapsible carousels and much more. Let us show you how much more exciting we can make your emails look and feel.

We take pride in our user-centred designs to produce emails that are not only good looking but also functional. Our team can create a customized template that reflects your brand and online presence, while taking advantage of all the tools and functionality of your preferred email platform. We create templates for some of the most popular email platforms in the market. Let us do all the work so you can get all the glory… isn’t that how it should be?

There’s no need for you to learn HTML or how to code emails, you focus on your business and let us take care of creating an email template that you can use on any email platform of your choice. We design email marketing templates for such platforms as: MailChimp, ExactTarget, SalesForce Marketing Cloud, Constant Contact, iContact and many more.

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Email Marketing the way it should be

Why we're awesome

We are industry leaders in email marketing. We have been doing it longer and better than most and our work speaks for itself. We take on challenges head on – we are fearless thinkers, strategists, designers and doers! Let’s chat today about how we can help.

Audience Building

There are little things as valuable as a strong and growing email list. The fact that people are invested enough and care enough about what you do to give you access to their email inboxes is huge! Making that sign up process as easy and as successful as possible is where we excel. There are several ways to grow and build your email list. Let’s break them up into two main categories, offline and online. Offline we encourage you to provide clients with as many opportunities to sign up for your email/newsletter as possible. We can assist you with Touch-Screen sign ups, POS device sign ups, Wifi access sign up forms, and many more. We provide clients with a myriad of options for online sign up as well, pop-up sign up forms, Facebook sign up forms, contests.

From concept to design and execution, our experience makes us well equipped to help you grow your email list. We’ve helped one of our Insurance clients grow their email list by 50% in a little less than a week. For one of our large Canadian owned restaurant chain clients, we have seen their list grow by over 50,000 email subscribers in their first 6 months of joining with us. Let us show you how we can do the same for you!

Data Services

Custom API Integration

Tired of constantly having to upload or transfer data from your sign up system to your database? Let us create a custom application program interface for you that will hook right into your database safely and securely. We provide scalable solutions for all size businesses with all kinds of API integration needs.

Data & List Hygiene

Maintaining a clean email list is just as important as having a list at all. Our experience, tools and technology are top rated in the industry. We provide detailed reporting to help you detect “bad” emails, and our hygiene tool was specifically designed to edit and remove invalid email addresses from your system. We also have vast experience in ensuring our clients are CASL and Can-SPAM compliant.

Data Segmentation

Data segmentation gives you the ability to target your audience and tailor your message to them. By narrowing your focus and sending messages to targeted groups within your lists, your recipients will find your campaigns more relevant—and relevant campaigns get better results. The best part is our powerful reporting and segmentation tools do all the work for you.

Let us show you why we're different

Why us

Our Experience

With over 18 years of email marketing experience let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Our Team

Our in-house team of dedicated email designers, email developers and campaign specialists are here to be your experts on demand.

We're Fast

In a rush? We have one of the quickest turn-around times in the Industry. We take pride in hitting any deadline thrown at us.

Pixel Perfect

Our rigorous testing process ensures your email looks great on over 40 web and mobile email clients

We listen

Dedicated account management team focused on you and meeting your needs

CASL Experts

Industry leader in helping our clients be CASL and CAN-SPAM compliant


We stay up to date on the latest designs and trends. Let us show you what the future of email looks like.

Varied ESP Support

From MailChimp to Salesforce and everything in between. Use your platform or ours, we can support whatever ESP you work with.

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