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    Klaviyo Partner Agency

    Wired Messenger is an official KLAVIYO partner agency located in Toronto. Our experienced, results-driven team of experts provides services including email consulting, campaign management, automation flows setups and design. Do you have questions about the KLAVIYO integrated marketing platform? Contact us today.

    Klaviyo Email Marketing Management

    We can create a personalized strategy, complete with content and design, so you can connect with your audience through Klaviyo and increase revenues.

    Klaviyo Setup and Implementation

    Do you need help migrating to Klaviyo? Our expert team will help you get setup on Klaviyo and setup revenue generating flows like Abandoned Cart, Winback and Welcome Series.

    Klaviyo Marketing Automation Flows

    Klaviyo  is an industry leader in marketing automation for ecommerce stores. We can set up automation flows, segment your list, and take other steps to automate your campaigns and save you time.

    Klaviyo Integrations

    As an integrated marketing platform, Klaviyo offers direct integrations with tools such as Shopify and WooCommerce. We can also assist with the implementation of Klaviyo APIs.

    KLAVIYO Automated Flows Setup

    Klaviyo prides itself on helping businesses to take control and own their marketing strategies. One of the most effective ways Klaviyo does this is by helping clients to establish automated flows.

    Flows make it easy for businesses to initiate and nurture relationships with their subscribers and customers throughout their lifecycle.

    With help from the experts at Wired Messenger and Klaviyo, you can automate messages that will help you to grow your business. You also won’t have to worry about losing any of the personalization and relevancy that has helped you build strong customer loyalty up to this point.

    Once we’ve set up your automated flows, you’ll be able to trigger a specific message (or series of messages) based on when someone joins a list, is added to a segment, or takes any other action — such as making a purchase or abandoning their cart. You’ll be able to use any data that is synced to your Klaviyo account to trigger specific, targeted flows.

    What Kind of Flows Can We Create?

    When you work with us, we will create personalized and segmented automated emails that allow you to communicate strategically with your customers during every step of their buying journey. Listed below are some examples of the flows we can create for you:

    Welcome Series Flows

    These flows are the perfect automation to welcome new subscribers to your brand. They allow you to highlight what makes your brand unique, share your social media channels, and collect customer preferences to better understand how your subscribers would like to hear from you in the future.

    Abandoned Cart Sequence

    This flow is designed to capture your potential customer’s attention and bring them back into your sales cycle. It allows you to recover lost revenue left in consumers’ carts.

    Winback Series

    This flow serves as a reminder and special offer email. It can help you retain your customers and extend their lifetime value by generating return purchases.

    Cross Sell Flow

    You can use this automation to showcase your other products or services. Handpick some of your flagship or best-selling items or leverage product recommendations so you can make suggestions based on a user’s purchasing history or that of similar customers.

    Post-Purchase Thank you Flow

    This flow is triggered after a customer completes their checkout. It allows you to foster brand loyalty by expressing your gratitude to your customers for their business.

    Browse Abandonment

    If an existing subscriber browsed a product multiple times but didn’t buy or initiate a checkout, we’ll gently touch base with them using this flow. These emails demonstrate the value and features of the products they were viewing and suggest other similar or best-selling products.

    Product Review Automation

    This flow creates a chance for you to hear from your customers about their experiences with your product. By using a time delay, you can let some time pass after a customer places an order, then trigger the product review series to request feedback from your customers.

    Replenishment Automation

    For brands that sell products that customers purchase repeatedly within certain timeframes, sending out a reminder email just before the product will run out is an excellent way to keep them engaged.

    Back in stock Automation

    Implementing a back-in-stock automation journey will prompt your customer to sign up for an alert when a specific item has been replenished.

    Birthday Automation

    You can celebrate alongside your customers by offering a discount, free shipping, free birthday gift, or even just acknowledging their special day.

    Why Is Wired the Best Klaviyo Partner?

    Wired Messenger is a natural fit for a partnership with Klaviyo.

    With over 20 years of marketing experience, our team is driven by creativity and is always looking for new ways to better serve our valued clients. As a dedicated group of thinkers, creators and doers, we’re excited to work with Klaviyo to help our clients grow their businesses and see impressive results.

    We already offer robust email marketing services. However, our collaboration with Klaviyo allows us to take our offerings to the next level.

    We’re also excited to help Klaviyo expand its reach and become more widely recognized for the incredible platform it is.

    Why Is Klaviyo the Best Email Marketing Platform for E-Commerce?

    Klaviyo is the top marketing platform for e-commerce businesses that need help standing out from their competitors and staying connected with their audiences.

    In addition to a wide range of personalized and segmented automation flows, Klaviyo also offers other coveted features like social marketing tools, drag-and-drop email design, and ROI-based reporting.

    All of the features available through the Kaviyo platform make it easier than ever for online entrepreneurs to create great email marketing content, promote their products, assess their analytics, and design highly targeted campaigns for the future.

    Best Klaviyo Partner Canada

    Klaviyo is an incredible email and SMS marketing platform, and Wired Messenger is thrilled to be partnering with them.

    Those who are interested in learning more about Klaviyo and what the company has to offer can visit their website here for more information, including a breakdown of the platform’s features and current pricing structure.

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