New Mailchimp Features Review

Mailchimp news is always hot. The project started in 2001 and has grown in functionality and reach over the years. Mailchimp’s innate ability to adapt to modern requests and market conditions has paved the way to becoming a giant in the all-in-one marketing platform sphere.

Adding new features and optimizing the platform is what keeps Mailchimp ahead of the competition. It has become a valuable partner to beginner and experienced email marketers because of its well-organized user interface and range of features.

It is no secret that Mailchimp is widely sought after for its reporting and contact management functionality. But there are a ton of features that Mailchimp also offers. Some of them have aged like fine wine, while others were created as answers to requests of the market.

Here are some of the features that Mailchimp recently added to their platform:

  • Customized reports for historical campaign data
  • Customer journey behavioral targeting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Personalized marketing approach via Typeform
  • Improved engagement via organic social posting and post scheduling
  • Landing page remarketing
  • AI email marketing

All these features help Mailchimp’s clients attract and retain users, but how do they help you achieve higher customer acquisition and retention?

Let’s analyze them to find out more.

Custom Reports And Historical Data

Viewing and analyzing historical campaign data is now less challenging than ever. One of the newer Mailchimp features is available to all users with Standard plans and above.

Every business functions differently, which means that the metrics that are used to measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategy are different. Even if the metrics are the same for the two companies, they might hold different values compared to one another.

Mailchimp allows you to choose the metrics that matter to your specific situation. A business that reflects on past campaigns and draws conclusions that contributed to the campaign’s success or failure is likely to improve its marketing strategy in the future.

You may now analyze the metrics from historical campaigns to determine how to boost business growth. Delivery rates, open rates, and click rates are only some of the metrics available in this new Mailchimp feature.

Behavioral Targeting

The number of businesses that use Mailchimp’s services is growing by the day, and so is the number of customers of those businesses. Shopify users can now obtain more information about the behavior of their customers.

Why is this important?

Understanding customers' behavior is crucial for improving customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. You can send personalized marketing emails based on that information to increase ROI.

This Mailchimp feature is available through the Customer Journey Builder, where you can select triggers that notify you about viewed pages and items added to shopping carts. When you know your customer's interests, creating an effective personalized email is less challenging.

Advanced Reporting Feature

Like other email marketing platforms, Mailchimp provides its customers with advanced reports. However, Mailchimp has gone a step further by adapting to the current market conditions and the newest email marketing techniques.

You can now track the overall performance of your marketing campaign to determine whether the strategy is effective or not. This is a valuable feature because staying on the right track is essential for business growth.

Customer engagement is among the fundamental elements of email marketing. Customers stay on the page or reply to an email if the content is amusing and engaging to them.

You have the option to view how engagement has changed in the course of time, and you can take adequate action to improve your chances. Mailchimp features that you may use within this option are filtered by:

·   Journeys

·   Metrics

·   Date range

Try it out to learn more.

Personalization via Typeform

Typeform is a cloud-based application created with the purpose of increasing customer engagement. Mailchimp can be easily integrated with Typeform, which is why this is among the top recent Mailchimp features.

How does Typeform increase engagement?

Interactive surveys and visually captivating forms tend to keep the respondent’s attention on a high level, and that is exactly what is achieved through Typeform.

Mailchimp users can now utilize Typeform’s services better to understand the habits and needs of their customers. More data on your customers leads to a personalized approach and intuitive experiences.

Also, you may set a tag for segmentation obtained from answers in the Typeform survey or form. Dividing your customers into smaller groups based on specific characteristics makes the creation of personalized emails less demanding.

Organic Social Posting

Mailchimp goes beyond email marketing by offering social ads. However, the company has recently begun offering organic social posting and post-scheduling as well.

Organic social posting is available within all plans, while users with Standard and Premium plans can utilize the power of post scheduling. You can use this valuable feature on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Organic social posting is a fantastic way to attract more users and retain existing ones. Post-scheduling gives you the opportunity to create a plan which you can carry out automatically in the future. Not only does this mean a better structure for your marketing campaign, but it also allows you to be more time efficient.

You may also track performance via social reporting to understand what works for your business. It is never late to change the marketing plan if it doesn’t bring results.

Landing Page Remarketing and Tagging

Mailchimp has introduced tags and retargeting to attract users into re-engaging with your business. What does that mean for you?

Not all people who visit your landing page become your customers. Some of them leave your landing page, but they might return if you use this Mailchimp feature.

This method requires you to use recognizable landing page elements, like distinguishable products, images, or patterns. Customers who visit your landing page recognize these elements in Google remarketing ads and might come back to revisit your product.

Tags help you put your customers in smaller target groups based on specific characteristics. Once a new customer signs up, that customer will be assigned tags. Tagging your customers will help you create a better marketing strategy and personalized messaging system.

AI Email Generator

Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum, and Mailchimp has found a way to use it as a useful tool. Email Content Generator is Mailchimp’s new GPT-powered AI tool that you can use to create engaging emails.

AI technology is still evolving, which means that this tool is far from perfect. However, the company strongly believes that AI is the future of email marketing and will proceed with this technology in the future.

To create a marketing email, you are required to provide information on the industry and email campaign purpose and feed the AI with content from previous marketing campaigns. Content is important because AI recognizes grammatical patterns and creates new marketing material in the same tone.

The quality and efficiency of the generated marketing emails depend on the skill of the person who puts the prompts into the AI.


Mailchimp reviews are gaining popularity because the company is constantly adding new features to improve its service and stay ahead of the competition.

This recent Mailchimp news is a clear indicator that the company puts customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention at the center of its service. Mailchimp no longer offers only email marketing options – it has become an all-in-one marketing solution.

Mailchimp provides advanced reporting, personalized content, the latest marketing techniques, the newest technology, and many other important elements that boost business growth.