17 Best Email Marketing Blogs For 2023

Whether you're a seasoned marketer looking to up your game or a newcomer eager to learn the ropes, one thing remains certain: the power of a well-executed email marketing strategy can't be underestimated.

That's why we've handpicked the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème, of email marketing blogs for this year. 

Get ready to dive into a world of expert advice, real-life success stories, and innovative approaches that will keep you ahead of the curve.

So, without further ado, let's explore the 17 Best Email Marketing Blogs that are destined to be your go-to guides for all things email in 2023.

Benefits of Following Email Marketing Blogs

Let’s take a look at what you will find useful when it comes to following and reading great email marketing blogs.

  1. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices. The email marketing landscape is constantly evolving, so it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices. Following email marketing blogs is a great way to do this. You'll learn about new strategies, tactics, and tools that can help you improve your email marketing campaigns.
  2. Get inspiration for your own campaigns. Email marketing blogs can also give you inspiration for your own campaigns. You'll see examples of successful campaigns from other businesses, which can help you come up with ideas for your own campaigns.
  3. Learn from the mistakes of others. Email marketing is not without its challenges. Following email marketing blogs can help you learn from the mistakes of others. You'll read about what worked and what didn't work for other businesses, which can help you avoid making the same mistakes in your own campaigns.
  4. Connect with other email marketers. Following email marketing blogs can also help you connect with other email marketers. You can participate in discussions, ask questions, and share ideas. This can be a great way to learn from others and get help with your own email marketing challenges.
  5. Get access to exclusive content. Many email marketing blogs offer exclusive content to their subscribers. This could include ebooks, templates, or webinars. This can be a great way to get more value from your email marketing education.


Venturing into the world of email marketing blogs wisdom, we can't help but spotlight Litmus' invaluable blog. 

A vital part of their strategy to connect with new clients, the Litmus blog is more than just a promotional tool. Packed with bite-sized, insightful email marketing tips, they consistently roll out several gems per week. 

Their recent articles dive into riveting discussions on email personalization, design and marketing trends, and even the latest tech twists, like Gmail's pre-fetching images, which can sway your email open stats.

Litmus doesn't just skim the surface – their articles are thoughtfully crafted, and they've got the organization game down pat, making it a breeze to search by topic. 

Plus, they're kind enough to let you know how long you'll be invested in each read. The cherry on top? 

Rock-solid references with links to back their data. Sure, they shine a light on their own products and partners, but they lay it all out transparently.


This is another great email marketing blogs example that you should know of - Iterable!

Hold onto your marketing hats because Iterable's blog is about to whisk you away into the omnichannel universe. 

Their blog isn't just about email campaigns; it's a treasure cave that opens its doors every five to seven days, dishing out content as current as the morning news. 

Take their "trendjacking" article, for instance – a nod to Wordle's meteoric rise over the past weeks.

Iterable's blog isn't just another faceless publication. You'll find a mix of in-house writers and guests, each injecting their distinct personalities and viewpoints into their words, giving you a lively read every time. 

What's more, their articles dive deep – they don't skim the surface. If you've got the time to spare, you're in for a treat with their detailed, comprehensive pieces. 

And the best part? They've done the hard work of categorizing everything: Company, Product, Engineering, or Customer Experience.

SendGrid Email Deliverability

Unveiling the dynamic universe of SendGrid's Email Deliverability Blog, a plethora of insights is powered by Twilio's email marketing automation prowess. 

Aptly named "The Full Send," their email marketing blogs follow a concise yet impactful approach, with articles that take you on a journey spanning a mere 3 to 8 minutes. 

Unlike the jack-of-all-trades blogs, SendGrid zeroes in on the core of email marketing, showering you with golden nuggets of wisdom.

Crafted by identifiable authors, their content is a unique blend of laser-focused subjects, including gems like the strategic use of emojis in email campaigns and the art of composing invoice emails. 

Some pieces even connect you directly with SendGrid templates, offering real-world applications. The overarching theme? Constructing top-notch emails that hit the bullseye for specific marketing endeavors, a jackpot for novices looking to master the craft.

EmailOctopus Blog

Join the email marketing blogs carnival hosted by EmailOctopus – a platform beloved by entertainment giants and nonprofit crusaders alike. Tailored with precision, their blog is a compass guiding you through the labyrinth of purpose-driven emails. 

Whether you're designing customer surveys, expanding your mailing list, or capturing leads, this is your creative playground. As showcased below, stay in the know about industry shake-ups with up-to-the-minute dispatches like the Google Ads grant for nonprofits.

Their articles are deep dives, not superficial ripples, each coming alive with practical insights and a step-by-step dance of creativity. 

The authors step into the spotlight with their names upfront, and references form the sturdy backbone of their professionalism, ensuring you're in good hands. Expect fresh content every 3 to 6 days because innovation never rests.

Klayvio Blog

Bold, vibrant, and unapologetically captivating – Klayvio's email marketing blogs are a feast for the senses and the curious mind.

Bursting with life through colorful illustrations and headlines that could move mountains, like "Sex, Drugs, and DTC: Why ‘Taboo’ Brands are Owning Marketing."

Their articles are meticulously categorized under seven alluring banners – from "Email Marketing" to "SMS Marketing" and "Acquisition." Delve deep without drowning, as they strike a harmonious balance between comprehensive and overwhelming. 

And that's not all – industry luminaries make their mark with highlighted quotes, underlining the essence of each piece.

"How to" guides come adorned with a diverse array of brand examples, while interview-style features bring a refreshing twist. Klayvio has perfected the art of informative and entertaining, all while keeping a steady hand on the rudder.

Don't miss their captivating email blog piece: Text STOP to Unsubscribe: How to Keep this from Happening to Your Brand.

GetResponse Blog

The GetResponse Email Blog is your daily ticket to an eclectic carnival of knowledge. Step right in and be prepared to be amazed by a diverse lineup that includes everything from landing page design to the art of chatbots. 

This isn't your typical one-trick pony; it's a treasury of versatile insights.

Their articles, often resembling mini-epics of 2500-3000 words, don't shy away from using screenshots to guide you through the depths of information. 

Occasionally, the style might tilt towards academics, but hey, when it comes to in-depth insights, that's a small price to pay. And when they're in the mood, they can switch gears, infusing casual fun into even the most detailed topics – like their Valentine’s Day special.

Trust the "how to" guides; they come brimming with examples and screenshots that make learning a joy. Keep an eye out for their updates on new GetResponse products or features; they're the gems labeled "must-read."

ActiveCampaign Blog 

Prepare to be swept off your feet as you step into the immersive world of ActiveCampaign's email marketing blogs. It's not just a single thread; it's a tapestry of diverse strands, each unwrapping a new facet of their universe. 

From Growth to Updates, Culture to Spotlight, it's a symphony of topics that'll leave you awestruck.

Culture isn't afraid to venture into uncharted territories, tackling subjects like Black Lives Matter, business resilience during the pandemic, and mental health battles. 

The diversity here is a breath of fresh air, setting it apart from the mundane. A spotlight illuminates case studies, while Growth peels away layers in content marketing and CRM.

If you're craving a holistic view of the customer relationship arena, this blog's your Sherpa. 

Navigation might need a nudge up, but what it lacks there, it more than compensates with content. Authors juggle styles – casual to semi-formal –, but each piece oozes substance.

AWeber Blog

Diving into the realm of AWeber's Blog, we find ourselves at the intersection of email engagement optimization and mailing list mastery. 

AWeber, renowned for its landing page wizardry, paints its blog canvas with articles as vibrant as punchy infographics, breathing life into its content.

The star of the show? Sales, no less. As you journey through, expect to meet satisfied clients hand-in-hand with newsworthy revelations and "how to" treasures. 

Step into the shoes of a work-from-home mom and entrepreneur who's harnessed the platform's prowess. Dive into practical pieces adorned with ample data, punctuated by bullet points that ensure nothing escapes your memory.

Read time? A comfortable 3 to 8 minutes per article, with recent features touching on subscription gathering and the art of SEO optimization.

Mailchimp’s Blog

In the ever-expanding universe of email marketing, Mailchimp stands tall as a global titan. Their email marketing blogs, a testament to their prowess, are visual masterpieces with illustrations holding hands with every article. 

Ornate headers, resembling the iconic New Yorker typeface, lend an air of sophistication.

Prepare to embark on a journey through intricate "how to" guides, each a mini-epic of knowledge penned with a touch of semi-formal flair. Peppered with customer case studies, their content takes on its own personality. 

But here's the twist – some stories come to life with interview clips, adding an alluring variety. Hand-drawn-style illustrations keep things grounded, and occasional marketing book round-ups are the icing on the cake.

Tiny hiccups? Filtering might need a nudge up, but once you're in, expect excellence.

The Email Marketers Blog

Step into the world of specialists, where Email Marketers flaunt their global expertise. The articles here span the spectrum – from the ABCs of A/B testing to the intricate dance of market segmentation. 

Deep dives into retention emails and holiday marketing share the stage with insights into email marketing tools and glimpses into their clients' and partners' worlds (yes, Klayvio makes an appearance). Oh, and there's an occasional sprinkle of press releases too.

Keep an eye out for thematic companions – related articles stand shoulder-to-shoulder, leading you deeper into the rabbit hole. 

While deep dives might not be overly concerned with backlinks and references, they pack a punch of insight. Feast your eyes on the sample piece below to see what we mean.

Keap’s Email Marketing Blog

Picture this: Keap's email marketing pieces are nestled within their broader B2B marketing realm, making monthly appearances that are worth the wait. Brace yourself for a treasure trove of data and insights that'll make your marketer's heart sing.

For instance, did you know that over 47% of subscribers pop open emails solely due to the subject line? 

Their accessible, easy-to-read style transforms data into stories. Dive into headers interspersed with thematically linked articles, guiding you toward the next discovery.

Keap's all-in-one CRM prowess echoes through their two blogs (marketing and product) – both gems in their own right.

SendX Blog

The SendX Blog, a meticulously tagged haven of insights, welcomes you to explore topics spanning 5 to 10 minutes of engaging reading. From turbocharging online event attendance to navigating the world of crypto product marketing, this blog casts a wide net.

Surprisingly intuitive, you can filter by both topic and author, making navigation a breeze. Vibrant illustrations and screenshots accompany the text, while author styles vary from collegiate to semi-formal. 

But that's not all – embedded tables of contents allow you to leap straight to the heart of the matter.

A minor quibble? The absence of publication dates and frequency, but the content more than makes up for it.

Campaign Monitor Blog

Campaign Monitor's Blog: Where Trendsetters Gather. Here, you're not just a reader but part of the trendsetter club. Unveil the articles that are setting the world on fire before you venture further. 

Each piece is meticulously crafted, touching on specific and current subjects, like decoding the nuances of marketing to Gen Z vs. Millennials. And the icing on the cake? Explanatory graphics that make complex ideas a breeze.

The short summaries come to life with a simple hover as you navigate the grid-format image-led layout. 

Articles take around ten minutes to read, and the rhythm is several new pieces per month, with a touch of spontaneity. The design mirrors Campaign Monitor's email builder – eye-catching and vibrant.

The Moosend Email Blog

Let's unravel the layers of Moosend's Marketing Blog, where email service provider expertise shines. 

Navigate their articles with a twist – choose between beginner, intermediate, and advanced markers to find your sweet spot. Resources and tutorials lie at your fingertips, ready to elevate your learning experience.

Articles cascade with subjects, authors, and opening paragraphs, with a "Read More" beckoning you closer. Carousels of highlighted features add extra delight. 

Deep dives are not mere shallow waters; they're well-referenced treasures enriched with bullet points and screenshots that paint vivid pictures. Authors aren't mere ghosts; they bear names, building bridges of trust.

Designmodo Blog

Behold the Designmodo Blog, a space where visual artistry and impactful headlines collide. As a design-driven platform for email templates and landing pages, it's no surprise that their blog focuses on design's power. 

Web design and UI trends that are as current as the breeze, Valentine's Day email newsletters, and the art of structuring email marketing campaigns – they're all here.

Fresh posts arrive weekly, each accompanied by a table of contents and sprinklings of illustrations and screenshots. 

Authors' bylines create a connection, allowing you to engage with trusted voices. Navigational ease meets you at every corner, with "Editors' Picks" lighting up your way.


Step into the world of ActionRocket, where creativity and email design collide to create magic. Their Email Design Review blog is a treasure cave of email design mastery. 

If you're on the hunt for creative email design inspiration or a panoramic view of the latest design trends to infuse into your own emails, this is your haven.

Here, you'll unearth the secrets of accessible designs, discover how design seamlessly integrates into your marketing strategy, and unravel the grand tapestry of the email user experience. 

Picture this: every month, they curate a trove of the finest designs that graced their inbox. It's like peering into the creative minds of successful brands, gleaning insights and elements that matter most for your own creations.

And hey, if email accessibility's your jam, don't miss ActionRocket's "Email for All" content.


Formerly known as Email Monks, Uplers stands as a full-service email marketing agency armed with the collective wisdom of countless collaborations across diverse industries. Their transformation into Uplers has only fueled their passion for excellence and innovation.

Their blog unfurls a red carpet for design aficionados and those fascinated by the art of user experience. 

With an impressive portfolio at their fingertips, they light up the path with inspiration for your next campaigns. Think of fonts that dance to the rhythm of your brand, encoding that doesn't sacrifice loading speed and the symphony of crafting the perfect email sequence.

Intrigued? Dive right in because the wisdom of experience awaits.

Final Words

Crafting an impactful email demands a profound understanding of the intricate email marketing realm. 

With this constellation of exceptional email marketing blogs, small businesses might find themselves losing hours in the enchanting labyrinth of insights. 

The quest for knowledge is real, and what's lacking is a North Star – a way to weave through this wealth of information effortlessly.

But, our guide will help you find your way through the best examples out there.