Email scratch to reveal demo on mobile device

Scratch to Reveal for Email

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    Scratcher emails are compatible with Apple iOS devices and Apple mail, which represent 47% of the top 10 email clients. All other clients will are compatible, but will receive fallback or other specified content.


    Reveal based emails can be used for a variety of purposes, including discounts, gifts, promotions, coupon codes and any other offer. Scratch emails utilize two images, a ‘cover’ and a ‘reveal’ in addition to a transition. Images can be static, or animated gifs to provide additional design flair.

    Retailers can hide a coupon code behind a lottery ticket.

    Concert venues can add a sense of exclusivity by reveling their product on a click or tap.

    Small business can use reveal based marketing for store openings or product announcements.

    Education industry can use reveals in fun and education designs for kids and families.