Emails Don't have to be boring. Engage your customer with interactive email from Wired Messenger

A little interactivity in your marketing emails can really boost engagement rates. Let us help you tell a story and make your emails fresh and new again with our interactive email templates.

Check out just a few samples below


Countdown Timers

Do you have an event, deadline or an important date to promote? Create a sense of urgency and anticipation with countdown timers in your email campaigns. Highlight a start or end date by showing an animated, ticking clock counting down to your event.

Email countdown timer on a mobile device
Email hamburger demo on mobile device

Animated Menus

Have a lot to show and tell? Let us help you organize and display your content to make sure your users see it all without getting overwhelmed. Mobile menus work by hiding content behind an icon, users can click to see the fully expanded content. Give users more information and content in a user friendly way!

Rotational Banners

Go beyond what you thought possible in an email! Add multiple images that can be scrolled through either automatically or based on a user’s click and tap. Sliders are a common web design element and your audience will be amazed to see them in their inbox. Individual links can also be added to each image giving users access to more content in less space.

Email rotating banner on mobile device
Email scratch to reveal demo on mobile device

Scratch to Reveal

Treat your subscribers to a fun and new inbox experience. Scratch emails bring the excitement of scratching a lottery ticket to your inbox. Users can reveal a hidden coupon code or other announcement in your email. After the interaction, the message is revealed in an experience similar to scratching a lottery ticket. Surprise your readers with emails that are not only interactive and exciting, but also proven to increase ROI and win click-throughs.

Video Emails

Video is the undisputed king of the internet. By 2017, video marketing will account for 69% of all consumer traffic. Video is an appealing, easy to digest medium for consumers to learn about your product. Why limit your emails to static images and text when you can take advantage of the persuasiveness of video marketing? Whether leveraging existing content or creating new original content, use video marketing in your emails to deliver a variety of content in a new and unexpected way.

Email video on mobile device
Email catch content demo on mobile device

Catch the Content!

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, use a ‘catch the content’ email to stand out from the crowd and offer a new and exciting experience for your subscribers. Have your showcase image fade out or slide out, forcing the user to click the button within the time limit. (Users can also refresh the email if they have missed the click). The user MUST act on the offer before it disappears, creating an extreme sense of urgency, exclusivity and excitement.

Animated Buttons

In email design, getting a user to click on a call to action or button is often priority #1. Email designers consider everything from button colour, size, placement and text on their calls to action to maximize click through rates. What if designers had another method of making their buttons even more attractive to a user? Buttons can now be animated in variety of ways – adding wobble, bounce, pulse or throb effects to the button to gain a user’s attention. Animated buttons are often used on the web to create a more fun and appealing user experience.

Email animated button on mobile device
Email animated sale text gif on mobile device

Animated Gifs

Everyone loves animated gifs! From memes to social marketing, gifs are everywhere. Whether you pronounce it ‘gif’ or ‘jif’ they are a fantastic way to add flair to your email campaigns. Easy to consume, these short video-like animated images are used to create interest and humour. Gifs are also great because they are less expensive to create than video, but say more than just images. In email design, animated gifs can be used to highlight content and show interesting visuals to engage and excite your audience.

Overlay FX

Have you ever seen it snow…. In an email? What about rain? Or how about raining confetti? Or floating balloons? Wired Messenger is proud to introduce overlay effects for email. A fantastic series of digital effects that render on top of your email message; animated snow fall, rainfall, confetti celebrations, floating balloons and clouds are just a few of the elements you can add to your email today.

Email fireworks overlay FX on mobile device
Email entrance FX effect on mobile device

CSS Entrance FX

Make your emails POP with css animations. Add animation to an element to delight and entertain your subscribers. Make your product launches special by surprising your readers with entrance effects from Wired Messenger Inc. What are entrance effects? Any Block element in an email can be animated to ‘enter’ or ‘exit’, modern design that reacts to entertain the user. Static emails can be boring, by animating a block element, emails immediately attract attention and stand out in a crowded market.

Image Galleries

Go beyond what you thought possible in an email! Add multiple images that can be scrolled through either automatically or based on a user’s click and tap. This popular web element now comes to email! Image galleries offer a new way for your subscribers to see your content.

Image gallery demonstration on mobile device
Christmas greeting card flip on mobile device

Greeting Cards

Everyone loves greeting cards and your subscribers will too! Send animated greeting cards for any occasion with Wired Messenger Interactive emails. Users can click and watch their card open right in their inbox, send a holiday greeting card message for any occasion.

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