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    Marketing for Restaurants

    With over 18 years of restaurant marketing experience. Our team of industry leading experts can review your restaurant marketing program from top to bottom. We’ll provide our expert insight and offer ideas to improve your current digital marketing results. Here’s just a few areas we can answer questions on as part of your free 60 minute consultation.

    Email Marketing

    We help build fans and customer loyalty through email marketing with newsletters, surveys, birthday offers and ideas that cultivate your client base. Let us take a look at how and where you are collecting customer information. Whether you’re sending out the right messaging and how engaged your customer are with your brand. Our full service campaign team manages email marketing for a number of restaurants and have experience to get things done right.

    Website Design

    A great looking website that is fast and works great on mobile devices is an absolute necessity these days. We design and build awesome sites that drive sales and traffic to your restaurant. We can take a look at your site and show you some best practices we’ve learned working with some of the best restaurant chains across Canada. We will also review your loyalty promotions and programs to see if you have the right frequency and mix to drive sales throughout the year.

    Social Media

    It’s all about engaging with your customers to keep them excited about your restaurant. Enoucourage them to tag your restaurant with their photos and to use branded hastags is a must. From stories to event promotion we can help you maximize your social media reach and effectiveness. Social media can also play a huge part in your customer service strategy. Let us make sure you are doing the most that you can to be discovered to drive new customers.

    Social Reputation

    Did you know that Google ranks businesses with reviews ahead of businesses with no reviews? We help generate reviews to maximize your business. Reviews drive online search conversion. Recency of reviews and frequency of reviews and the quality of the reviews are all major drivers for clicks, calls and search positioning. Don’t leave new business on the table! Let us see how you compare to your competitors when it comes to reputation management.

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