6 Tips for Growing your Email List

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Email list growth tips

As marketers we all know the importance of a healthy customer list. Data decay can impact up to 30% of your database. This is why email list growth is important, as older and invalid emails start dropping from your list make sure you are replacing them with new addresses.

Here are some of the easiest and best ways to grow your email list:

  1. Make them an offer they can’t refuse!
  2. Incentives can include free wifi access, a one-time coupon or promotion, contest prizes, unlocked content or other incentives for subscribing and providing their email address. Incentives are one of the easiest and most successful ways to grow your email list. One of our insurance clients, was able to double their email list size with just one well-timed, well thought out contest for Father’s Day. Start by giving customers a reason to sign-up for your list.

  3. Collect emails offline
  4. Make sure you collect emails offline as well. Whether in-store or at events there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to collect emails where your customers are. For one of our clients, we equipped their food truck at an event to be able to collect emails offline using a tablet. They collected a lot of emails from actual customers by making it easy for users to opt-in.

  5. Sharing is Caring!
  6. Encourage your subscribers to share with friends. Make it easy in the emails with an explicit share button and offer referral incentives. Here’s an example from ModCloth.

    Mod Cloth Email

  7. Easy button please!
  8. Make signing up as easy as possible! Add a signup form to your website. A lot of sites are now using popup forms or overlays on site entry to get that signup. Not only that but have fun with your sign-up form. No one knows your client base better than you, you decide what would resonate with them. Whether it’s using conversational copy:

    Kate Spade Popup

    Or giving them an unfavourable alternative – such as “no thanks, I like paying full price!”

    Boast Popup

  9. Get Social
  10. Your social media presence is one of your best tools to grow your email list, sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter are full of prospective customers and subscribers. Use this tool as an additional avenue for gathering email sign-ups. As well as vice-versa, include Social Media in your emails! This relates back to making it easy to find your presence on other channels by clicking a link in your email.

    GAP FB signup

  11. Celebrate!!!
  12. Start a loyalty or birthday program. It’s an excellent way to gather more information about your customers, as well as encourage them to subscribe as they know they’ll be getting something special from you every year.

    Red Lobster Email

You can do it – we can help! It’s hard work running a business, let us help you with what we’re great at! Continually building your email list is vital to your email marketing efforts, let us show you how to do it with ease and confidence.

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