Interactive Emails are Here!

By Wired Messenger Email Marketing

Interactive slider with different backgrounds

Our digital lives move incredibly fast. Do you even remember life before smart phones? Hard to believe that with all the rapid change in our digital world, that HTML emails have largely stayed unchanged since the late 1990’s!

Well, the days of boring, non-interactive emails are becoming a thing of the past. And 2017 is going to be the year of the Interactive Email

The options available for email are finally catching up to what we’ve seen on websites, and it’s a game changer! Imagine being able to include multiple product images that can be scrolled through either automatically or by a reader clicking on each image. Or the ability to include a collapsible menu so that your content can be organized neatly and efficiently. This is all possible right now!

Sure, not all devices and email clients support these fancy innovations, but in general, many if not most of the interactive techniques we have created here are supported by a majority of devices and email clients.

Interested? Find out more!

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