Hollywood’s Home Away From Home is Cinespace

By Wired Messenger Email Marketing

Cinespace studio

At Wired Messenger, we’re tremendously proud of where we come from. As proud Canadians, we just love this place of diversity, energy and culture. Nowhere is that more evident that in our vibrant film, television and digital media production industry! Nicknamed as “Hollywood North” Toronto and Vancouver are the poster child cities that earn that moniker with our deep talent in nearly every aspect of the business.

The ever-evolving Cinespace is one of the iconic cornerstones of that business and we are honoured to have been chosen as their digital web partner to redesign their website. Fully responsively designed so that it looks great no matter whether you’re looking at it on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, Wired Messenger led the charge to modernize their digital presence so that Cinespace can continue to show the world the magical worlds they create!

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