MARKETING NINJA SERIES: Email Personalization – Relationship building at its finest

By Wired Messenger Email Marketing

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Like all great relationships, it’s the little things that matter… remembering my name when I see you, remembering big occasions in my life (Birthday, anniversary, etc…), sending gifts, knowing my likes and dislikes, being thoughtful (take note all you single men and women!) This also holds true for your customers. The fact is that we are inundated with commercial emails all the time. What makes me want to read more? Buy more? Click through? For a start, knowing my name. Sometimes something as simple as that makes the difference between an email that will be read and one that will be ignored. Recent studies have shown that nearly three-quarters of users get frustrated when they see content that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with them or their interests.

People love personalization! Think of the recent personalized Coke cans/bottles, or your Starbucks order this morning or how popular monogramming has become. We love seeing our name in print! So let’s give it to them – addressing an email to your customers or having their name in the Subject Line helps to create that immediate connection, BUT this is merely Step 1. Take it a step further by capturing user profile data and merging it with transactional data to create dynamically personalised campaign messages that look and feel like they’ve been created just for them!

As we said, personalization is just the tip of the iceberg! Nowadays, customers expect to see that email addressed to them. The next step is to curate and send content to them based on their behaviours, likes, interests, etc. By incorporating behavioural data that you might have collected through your website via Google Analytics or similar analytics software, you have a powerful opportunity to up your email personalization game to new heights! Take that behavioural data and any demographical data you might have and build a customer profile that gets you ever closer to that “right offer at the right time” sweet spot that you’ve been wishing for! HIIIIYAH!!!!

For example, the behavioural data from your ecommerce website can provide incredibly valuable insights on your customers – imagine being able to connect that information with your email campaign efforts and offering products that your customer spent a lot of time browsing or putting in their cart but not completing the purchase and then offering them an extra discount through a unique promo code. That way, not only are you offering the right offer at the right time, but you can actually track whether they made the purchase by tracking whether they used that code!

Recently, the Hilton Hotel chain took the idea of email personalization and dynamic content one step further! They took the opportunity to send a personalized thank you email to its customers based on the information they had on them and their stays at Hilton hotels over a specific period of time. It was a unique and hyper-personalized email that took all the data they had on their customers and transformed that to give customers insight into their travels and stays with their hotel – a snapshot of all the places and hotels they’ve stayed at around the world with the Hilton family of hotels! Cool, right? If you’d like to learn how we can do that for you and your customers contact us.

Email marketing is a symbiotic relationship between you and your subscriber. It requires gathering information, analyzing data, nurturing that relationship, attention to detail, things that may seem way too overwhelming for you to handle, but they really aren’t! We are able to help make you as thoughtful, as generous, as insightful, as you’d like to be… sadly, we still can’t help you find a boy/girl friend.

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