Top 5 Back to School tips for Marketers

By Wired Messenger Email Marketing

Back to school text with pencil elements

1. Test your send Frequency.

An increase in frequency isn’t always a negative, if your customers love your brand, they’ll want more. This back to school season, customers are expecting brands to offer deals, promotions, and give-aways. The challenge is standing out from all of your competitors. By testing different send frequencies and sending at different times in the day you can find an optimal day and time that increases customer engagement. Sending emails on the optimal day and time will help you stand out and remind your audience of your brand, your offers, and your sales during a busy shopping season.

Marketers can increase brand loyalty by providing offers which are directly relevant to their customers’ shopping experience. Increasing your send frequency and providing an easy to understand and actionable sales message can dramatically improve ROI. But be careful to communicate with your customers and set reasonable expectations, an increase in frequency can also affect deliverability and may cause some subscribers to unsubscribe. 

2. Customize your messaging

Use targeting and dynamic offers to increase sales. For example, a recent study by Bizadvisor [3] showed Dads spend nearly $200 more when they’re in charge of back-to-school shopping. Email marketers can take advantage of this by tailoring and targeting their messaging to different buyers. Use segmentation and dynamic content to directly communicate with an audience with different needs. Some customers are looking for the coolest new trends, some want to save money and some want to save time. Knowing your customer and what drives their buying decisions is an important step in sending effective campaigns that convert. Use previous purchase data and profile data to understand your customers and customize messaging to different segments. Increase ROI by understanding your audience and don’t miss out on a valuable opportunity to inform and connect with your customers.

3. Offer a Promotion.

Offer a promotion, coupon or added value like free shipping when purchasing. Consumers want to stretch their dollar, and offering added value is proven to increase sales. Data from the National Retail Federation, in conjunction with Prosper Insights and Analytics, shows that 91% of all U.S. consumers who will buy online during BTS intend to use retailers’ free shipping offers. Back to school spending is second only to the holiday season for online and store retailers, making it a crucial time for many merchants. Customers are determined to take advantage of back to school sales, promotions and coupons.

Help parents save by making certain that they are aware and have easy access to your promotion. A well-designed email also serves to establish a positive connection to the brand in the customers’ mind. Be persistent and make them feel a part of something! Last-minute deals can help you attract procrastinating back-to-school buyers, including the 5.8 percent who do not shop until after school starts (National Retail Federation).

4. Make it mobile.

Everyone has a smartphone so it’s no surprise that 41% of college shoppers plan to use a smartphone to research products and compare prices, and 46% plan to use a tablet to shop for back-to-school items. Offer simple, mobile friendly designs that users can act on immediately. Now is a great time to make sure your emails look great on smartphones. That means your campaigns should have a responsive design that adapts to whichever screen it’s being displayed on, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

5. Don’t wait for back to school.

According to Deloitte’s 2017 Back-to-school survey, total back to school spending is expected to reach $27 Billion this year. 60% of consumers begin shopping before the end of July and 92% expect to finish shopping by the end of August. So starting early on any of your back to school promotions is always a good idea. But it’s also not too late, the back to school is the second biggest shopping season of the year and there’s still millions of consumers that may have started shopping but haven’t finished buying everything they need for the new school year. Reaching out early to customers in July and consistently into September ensures you communicate to the right people at the right time.  


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